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Data STATISTIKA pengunjung blognya pak saya @spenagakebumen per 26 September 2012

          Students learn about inferential statistics, especially about data distribution and data presentation. Sub chapter 3.1 gives an introduction about central tendency measures: mean, median and mode. In Sub chapter 3.2, students learn about presenting data in the form of frequency table. Sub chapter 3.3 is a continuation of the previous sub chapter to represent data which are in frequency data into bar, line, or pie diagrams.  Sub chapter 3.4 gives problem solving exercises.

Materi dalam bahasa Inggris silahkan klik di >>>  : http://www.4shared.com/office/sgi_QBfD/Chapter_31_UNESA_REV.html
Materi dalam bahasa Indonesia silahkan klik di >>>> :  http://www.4shared.com/office/2IXn0ePV/BAB_3_STATISTIK__Kusrini_.html

Selamat belajar, sukses selalu. 

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